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If you are looking to lift certain portions of your face, but don't want to pay for a full facelift or go under the knife, fibroblast may be perfect for you. This treatment can help to lift the skin around your, tighten your neck, smooth out wrinkles, and lift skin around your mouth area. A laser is used to blast away damaged layers of skin, revealing younger, tighter skin, giving off the appearance of a tighter, younger face.


Microdermabrasion involves having a facial with an abrasive face cleaner. The abrasive material basically sands away old skin, leaving you with fresh new skin cells. This helps to instantly alter the appearance of your facial skin, making yours look healthier. For many individuals, microdermabrasion offers the best option for removing surface scarring from acne, damage from long periods in the sun and fine lines that occur from normal aging. At Expressive Beauty, we can help to remove these surface imperfections that make you look older, and give your skin a refreshed and more youthful appearance.


Some of the most effective skin treatments work by tricking your skin into thinking it has been damaged. In turn, your skin produces more collagen to combat the injury, helping to minimize the appearance of scars, wrinkles, age spots and sun spots. This procedure helps to plump and tighten the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and also enables products to drive down deeper within the skin layers to achieve faster results.  Downtime is minimal.


We also offer a variety of skin care services to help you have the look and feel you need. Look younger, healthier, and more beautiful than you already do. From deep pore cleansing to acne treatments and facials, we have the perfect service for you, your skin and your needs!

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