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Our Services


When you have thin eyebrows, you may find yourself growing tired of constantly having to fill them in with powders, pomades or pencils. Mircroblading uses tiny needles to place temporary tattoo ink below the surface of the skin, giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker eyebrows. The procedure lasts about six months, but you never have to worry about filling in your own eyebrows again.


Permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing and is also referred to as micropigmentation, micropigment implantation, and dermagraphics. Cosmetics are applied using a variety of devices, including tattoo coil machines, a rotary pen, and hand devices. Before the process begins, your permanent make artist will carefully consult with you about the look you want to achieve, and after the application of the pigment you will be asked to return to assure that the design has properly healed and that the look is what you want. We strive to make permanent makeup look as natural as possible, in order to enhance your best features and make you feel good about your decision.


Anyone that wants to correct or cover an old or undesirable tattoo worries about the process. While there are several methods out there, not all are legal in Texas.  And cover ups aren't always effective.  When you visit us, we'll help you make the best decision based on a wealth of knowledge.  Our goal is to find the best solution for you, in a safe cost-effective manner.

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