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Meet Our Talented Team

Erika is a perfectionist and obsesses over the ability to do quality work. She is always researching and furthering her education in order to provide the best services to her clients. She is always looking for not just the newest trends, but the best brands to partner with and complement those services. She feels quality should never be sacrificed, that educating the public is needed in order for people to raise their standards.


Erika was born and raised in Louisiana but has lived in Texas for over half her lifetime. Starting as a brand ambassador and model for several well known brands including American Eagle Outfitters, she eventually took on a leadership position and became a Market Manager for the largest spirit company worldwide as well owning her own model staffing agency. After much thought, she decided to take on a more stress-free, hands-on approach and went back to school to fulfill her childhood dreams of being in the spa industry. She went on to become licensed as a Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and Lash Stylist, later adding on Permanent Cosmetics to complement her skills. When asked what inspires her, she replied, 'Everyone attains beauty, some just don't know how to play up their best features. I now have the licenses and training that enables me to help and show people how to accent their natural beauty and build on it. My favorite transformation is not only taking years off someone, but also enabling people to feel confident enough to wear little to no makeup. There are so many options now in order to achieve a 'Wake up beautiful' look. For example, lash extensions, microblading, and younger healthier skin all contribute to this.


  • Salutatorian - MT Program

  • Parker University 2011 Advanced Esthetics

  • DuVall's 2011 Microblading & PMU Artist 2015 Tattoo Removal

  • Permanent Cosmetics 2017

Erika Resener

Andy is a fun and energetic individual whose energy is contagious, making everyone laugh. He is truly a sincere and caring individual who takes pride in his work and is always trying to help others. Outside of work you will find he enjoys cooking, taking care of his family, spending time in a special volunteer work, or in outdoor activities.


Andy was born and raised in the DFW metroplex. From an early age Andy has always been fascinated about the body and the way it works. He became a Licensed Massage therapist and Certified Personal Trainer. While still fond of both of those therapies, he found being able to make women feel even better about themselves when looking in themirror was even more gratifying so he became a Licensed Lash Specialist. When asked what his favorite part about being a lash stylist he quickly replied 'Instant results! The immediate gratification of being able to see a profound change inappearance, often being a much more youthful look. And it happens with one session. Seeing clients' response is priceless.'Andy also went on to take training in Tattoo removal, focusingon removing permanent cosmetics. With the boom in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry due to Microblading, this led toa lot of bad work and permanent markings on peoples faces that detracted from their beauty. When Andy saw this he was moved to help others and went into this field.


  • Licensed Massage Therapist 2004

  • Certified Personal Trainer 2013

  • Licensed Specialty Lash Specialist 2015

  • Microblading Training 2016

  • Tattoo Removal Specialist (Body Art & Permanent Cosmetics) 2017

Andy Resener

Ashlyn R.

Born in Texas and raised in Florida Ashlyn is a unique, fun and charming individual with a deep personal interest in her clients. Growing up around the beauty industry with her mother as a cosmetologist Ashlyn has always wanted a career in which she can help others; she has found that rewarding career in esthetics.


Ashlyn is highly skilled in a variety of facial treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and waxing. Ashlyn is passion-driven and cares about people. Outside of work she spends her extra time volunteering in her local community. She wants each of her clients to look their best so they can feel their best. Ashlyn's mission is to give her clients the best skin care service leading to the healthiest skin achievable, and most importantly to help clients establish a healthy at-home skin care regimen.

Danielle H.

Born and raised in Texas, Danielle is fun, down-to-earth and a genuine individual. She has years of experience with proportion and color as a portrait artist that enables her to be detail oriented when it comes to microblading and spray-tanning our clients. She strives to assist every client to ensure their experience with Expressive Beauty is stress-free and enjoyable. While not at work she is busy tending to her family of 5, at the gym, painting, or volunteering in the HEB community.

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