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Lash Extensions Near Fort Worth

You might sit in your North Richland Hills or Fort Worth, Texas home and flip through magazines with models who have lengthy, full lashes and wonder why yours don't look like that. You don't have to have lash envy, though; you can have the same long lashes by getting lash extensions near Forth Worth. It's a safe procedure that eliminates the need for mascara and store-bought fake eyelashes. Despite mascara claiming to resist water, you can find your lashes will fall short after a day at the pool or beach, but not with lash extensions applied by us.

lash extensions at expressive beauty in texas

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are artificial lashes designed to enhance the thickness and length your lashes. Additionally, you can increase the darkness of your lashes through North Richland Hills lash extensions. Our professionals are certified to put the eyelashes on, which means we ensure your safety since we're trained on the proper technique and only use the highest quality of products. Typically, the lashes consist of a synthetic polyester, although some options are silk or mink. The options range from short to long.

Lash Extension Procedure

We apply each artificial lash individually, so your lashes look long and thick without any clumping; therefore, they look natural. Our stylist will use an eye-safe adhesive to apply the lash extensions near Forth Worth, Texas.

Achieving a Natural Look With Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions


Featured on NBC, FOX, ABC and more, Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are the high quality lash extensions we use to achieve a natural look for our clients. To learn more about Xtreme Lashes® click here!

Choosing Professional North Richland Hills Lash Extensions

Professionally done lash extensions look more real than the ones you purchase from the store because of our training and experience applying them. They also last much longer than the ones you purchase from the store and apply yourself. They're resistant to water. Additionally, lash extensions last much longer when you have them applied using a professional-grade glue. Our extensions usually last six to eight weeks, sometimes longer.

Safety of Lash Extension

In most cases, lash extensions are safe. During the application process, you shouldn't experience any pain or discomfort. Some people even fall asleep during the process. Some individuals may have a reaction to the material in the lashes or adhesive. You might have itching, redness or minor pain around where the eyelashes were applied. Those who have curly lashes might not be able to wear the lashes for long periods of time or even at all. If you don't have eyelashes or very short ones, we might not be able to apply artificial lashes.

If you have dry eye or allergy eyes, you may not be able to wear the lashes for long. Once you have the lashes, you should be careful when you use makeup remover. You should avoid using it around your eyes as much as possible. When you decide to have the lashes removed, you should seek out our assistance. We know how to remove the lashes without damaging your own lashes.

Treat yourself to lash extensions in North Richland Hills, Texas at Expressive Beauty. Our professionals will make you look and feel fabulous, and all you have to do is call us at (817) 479-8700 to schedule your appointment.

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